What Causes High Blood Pressure

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High blood pressure is the result of several different medical and chronic processes, and can be the result of various habits and undertakings that people suffer through or struggle with throughout their lifetime. Most typically, these medical issues tend to manifest themselves in older adults, though increasingly in sedentary societies, it has been seen in younger and younger people unfortunately.


While high blood pressure is a serious medical issue, the good news is that it can be almost completely reversed through exercise, proper nutrition, physical activity, and the changing of chronic and lifestyle habits. While that surely won’t fix every health problem, changing exercise and diet habits can work wonders to add years to a patient’s life and improve their outlook when it comes to reducing blood pressure.

The causes range, then, from chronic conditions, to genetics, certain medications, and more. Here’s a rundown:

Chronic Issues And Health Concerns

This is the result of poor personal health care for millions of Americans and others around the world every year. This can mean a lack of exercise, a generally sedentary lifestyle, and poor nutrition habits that lead to obesity and more. This, in turn, causes the heart muscle to work harder to pump blood to the rest of the body, and in turn, raises blood pressure to dangerous levels if left unchecked by medication or other interventions.


For many people, as we better understand the role DNA and our genes play in our daily lives and future medical prognoses, this health issue can be a simple product of poor genetics. While it can be held in check with proper diet and exercise, of course, high blood pressure nevertheless can seriously affect people simply due to their genetics, and related family histories of high blood pressure, heart disease, and more.

Certain Medications Can Play A Role

Many people taking various medications can see this could simply be a side effect of their medications, specifically related to other medical conditions like liver and kidney issues. Medications can cause blood pressure to spike, and while this is a serious concern for certain patients and in certain medical circles, it can nevertheless be avoided and mitigated through diet, exercise, and monitoring blood pressure to ensure it does not rise above any unacceptable levels.


All in all, blood pressure issues are caused by a variety of factors, from genetics and DNA in family histories, to chronic conditions and lifestyle choices, to the consumption of other medications that create high blood pressure issues as a side effect.


For people who are concerned with high blood pressure, or who may currently experience high blood pressure, it is important to take a three-pronged attack in response: eat healthy and nutritious foods, exercise and partake in physical activity more often, and get to your medical professional or doctor to determine a course of action and figure out how to safely and effectively lower your blood pressure and keep your life out of danger.



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