Triamterene Extreme & Severe Side Effects

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Triamterene Side Effects

Triamterene is a useful drug but it may be fatal if not used under proper medical advice for Triamterene. There’s a extremely long list of different side effects that we include in this list below. We will start the list with the minor side effects, and then we will continue with more severe side effects of Triamterene.

Triamterene Minor Side Effects:

  • Pound Heart Rate: This is more of a minor side effect, but very annoying.
  • Stomach Cramps: Some individuals have experienced stomach cramps.
  • Dizzy Feelings: Quite a bit of the patients felt as if they were drowsy or dizzy.
  • Headaches: Patients using Triamterene also experienced minor headaches.
  • Dry Mouth: dry mouth of course is less severe and more annoying side effect
  • Intestinal Activity: at this time we don’t have any info about this effect.

The harmful effects are the result of an overdose of the Triamterene that can lead to the death of the person taking the medicine. The side effects are caused due to the water removing property of the medicine, which results in dehydration that causes dry mouth, dizziness and headaches. The drug can cause a decrease in water content of the blood causing it to be thick and therefore, increases the blood pressure.

Extremely Dangerous Side Effects

  • Kidney Stones: Of all the extreme side effects, this is one of the less severe.
  • Liver Damage: as you know there’s many reasons don’t want liver damage.
  • Dehydration: This might sound like it’s not severe but can become very severe.
  • Kidney Tissue Damage: Crystal formations cause damage to kidney tissue.
  • Liver Damage: Increased potassium levels in blood can cause liver damage.
  • Skin Burns: Those who don’t follow the dosages properly, this is the result.
  • Deaths From Overdosing: This is definitely a crude possibility and scarey.


Kidney Problems…
It should be kept in mind that Triamterene can cause severe damage to those suffering from kidney problems as the dehydrating effect of the drug may cause crystal formation in the kidneys and causing damage to the tissues directly.

Damaging Liver Effects:
It can have damaging effects on the liver also due to the increase of the Potassium levels in the blood from using Triamterene. This can slow down the liver’s activity resulting in Jaundice symptoms. The gastrointestinal effects are not very negligible. The prolonged dosage may result in cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea that leads to an extremely uncomfortable situation for the patient. This drug can also lead to unusual bleeding, loss of appetite and skin burns to those who have not taken the dose properly. In elderly patients, a condition called Hyperkalemia may result due to an excessive potassium level. In pregnant women, it is not recommended because the drug decreases the folate in the body, which will cause harm to the mother as well as developing embryo.

Causes Weaknesses in Muscles:
The drug can cause weakness of the body’s muscles and give confusing thoughts. The drug should carefully be taken after meals in the morning and the afternoon. It should never be avoided at nighttime as it may result in excessive urination. Therefore, it is strongly suggested by most of the medical practitioners that the drug should not or should carefully be taken by those having a history of liver disorders, kidney diseases and diabetes. If caution is ignored for such patients the drug could risk their life and be very fatal.

Its Administered For:
Triamterene is a drug that is administered to patients suffering from hypertension or other disorders in the human body related to the accumulation of excess water. The trade name for the drug is Decennium and is available as Maxine and Dyazide. It is a potassium sparing diuretic that is administered with thiazide with patients suffering from high blood pressure. The drug can be very damaging to those with hypersensitivity to the element of Triamterene, those suffering from diabetes or kidney disorders.

Conclusion About Triamterene Side Effects
Therefore, in conclusion the drug, although it is very effective in reducing excessive water amounts in the body, can result in the risk of human life and prove to be poison for those who use it. The drug has more side effects than advantages to make you better.

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