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Triamterene Dot Net

Welcome to Triamterene Dot Net, we consider ourselves the authorities of the drug and pharmaceutical industry’s side effects and reviews that the drug companies and doctors strive to keep you from learning about. We are a privately owned company ran by Nic Coventry, who is a Recovering Banker and Internet Entrepreneur. Triamterene along with many other drugs and medications is something that needs to be researched and reviewed before you even consider using it in regards to your well being. If you suffer from various illnesses and you’re considering using Triamterene or something that has Triamterene in it, then you need to stay tuned so we can further educate you on Triamterene Side Effects and other issues that may become a risk or inconvenience to you and your lifestyle.

Triamterene (Brand Name: Dyrenium) is used to reduce water retained in the body, these pills are often referred to as “Water Pills” because they help maintain the proper level of water in a patients body. Too much of anything isn’t good, and water in the body is no different.

Stay tuned for more information about Dyrenium and Triamterene.



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