Rare Side Effects


Triamterene is a popular medication when it comes to working with patients to get through major medical issues like edema, the swelling of joints and areas of the body with fluid, fluid retention problems in general, and other major issues like heart disease and hypertension. As such, it has become quite a significant medication when it comes down to helping people who are seeking remedies for these issues. As millions of Americans, and millions more around the globe continue to have major medical problems related to hypertension, heart disease, and fluid retention, this medication has proven invaluable. But, there are side effects with any medication, and with Triamterene there have come to light very serious, rare side effects that must be monitored closely by a medical staff and cared for quickly by doctors and medical professionals, to avoid major problems.

Some of the more common side effects of Triamterene
While there are no doubt countless side effects of this medication as it is taken by patients across the country and around the world, let’s first begin by figuring out and analyzing some of the more common side effects as they relate to consistent use. These side effects, of course, are likely things that people will have to deal with over time, and as such, it’s critical that you converse with your doctor about them prior to taking the medication itself. Nevertheless, here is what you have to think about regarding common side effects: an acid base problem with low chlorides and blood issues regarding pH, low amounts of sodium in your blood, low amounts of potassium in your blood, and imbalance in body salts like potassium, sodium, and other basic chemicals and materials.

There are more infrequent side effects, though, too
When it comes to Triamterene, there simply isn’t the existence of common side effects alone. More infrequent side effects also manifest themselves in some patients, and with varying degrees of severity, ranging from the most severe (high blood sugar problems and high amounts of potassium in the blood), to the less severe issues and problems (blood pressure drops upon standing up, sun-sensitive skin leading to burns, loss of appetite, nausea and the feeling as though you will throw up, diarrhea, stomach cramps, and even major sexual problems). As such, it’s imperative that you speak with your doctor about what can be done when it comes to dealing with serious Triamterene problems with these infrequent, but nevertheless important and worthwhile side effects. These side effects may not manifest themselves in a great deal of patients, but they nevertheless must be taken seriously in order for your health to improve and for you to get the most out of your life while taking this prescription medication.

Rare side effects pose severe problems to your health
As if the more common, and even the infrequent side effects weren’t bad enough, there is nevertheless a good deal of rare side effects to Triamterene that you must also be aware of and careful around. These side effects read like something of a laundry list of problems, though they are incredibly severe, and must be taken seriously regardless of your background or where you are and what you hope to get out of your life on the drug: nearsightedness, yellowing of the skin or the eyes as it relates to significant liver problems, allergic reactions that cause inflammation and bursting of the blood vessels, hepatitis, acute inflammation of your pancreas and related blood sugar conditions therein, kidney stones and kidney disease, erythema multiforme, severe hives and rashes, lupus issues in the most severe of cases and with severe patients, life threatening allergic reactions that can be dangerous and difficult to stop, low blood counts due to significant bone marrow failure, low energy, significant head pain leading to blindness, and irritation of the stomach, intestines, and other internal organs leading to major medical problems. While these issues are, of course, rare, they are nevertheless extremely serious and must be taken into consideration.

Talk to your doctor about Triamterene and your use
When it comes to this prescription medication, for many people, the benefits outweigh the problems. That is, they have seen massive benefits to their hypertension and high blood pressure issues while on the medication, and have dealt successfully with issues related to the swelling of the joints and other major medical problems that otherwise would have trouble being diagnosed and dealt with adequately. Because of that, it is imperative that if you are considering taking this medication for any reason, you first talk to your doctor about your options and figure out exactly how you can most benefit yourself and your needs when it comes to this medication and its related issues. While it is not perfect, of course, it can work wonders for people when applied and used consistently, and correctly.

That being said, take careful note of side effects while using
While Triamterene is a beneficial medication to a great deal of people around the country and around the world, it is critical that you take close and careful note of everything that you experience and see when on the medication and taking the prescription. This medication can have very serious side effects in unsuspecting people, and while they of course are rare by definition, you nevertheless must take them seriously and seek out help should the worst happen. If you begin to experience any sort of serious side effects, it’s critical that you immediately get to a doctor who can help diagnose these problems and make sure that your life is not in danger from taking the medication itself.

Lowering your blood pressure takes time
For people on Triamterene and those who need to lower their blood pressure, you must understand that this process takes a great deal of time, and that your needs may not be met just by taking a medication for one day. Stick out to your health goals, and see to it that your blood pressure is lowered consistently over time for greater health and quality of life.